The (mostly) IPA 100

Greetings beer fans : )

IPA in a glass

200gins has expanded its drinks cabinet to accommodate up to 100 hop-driven beverages labelled India Pale Ale (IPA) – or at least Pale Ale, so to include a few extra-special guest stars from the world of craft brewing. Same drill as before – beverages are ranked in order of taste preference, and it might take a few rounds to pin down the final order. Enjoy (in moderation). Oh yeah, there are photos this time!

[last updated, 02 Mar 2016]

  1. BrewDog Punk IPA (5.6%)
    A superb beer from Scotland’s BrewDog. Floral biscuit would be my best description.
  2. BrewDog Punk IPA

  3. Bevertown 8 Ball Rye IPA (6.2%)
    Chocolate caramel in a can. Nice artwork too.
  4. Bevertown 8 Ball Rye IPA

  5. Wiper and True White Cloud IPA (6.0%)
    A white chocolate tasting wonder beer from Wiper and True. Also has lime notes. A fantastic brew and vegan too.
  6. Wiper And True White Cloud IPA

  7. Earl Grey IPA (6.8%)
    Sweet shop (sherbet lemons) meets tea room (bergamot).
  8. Earl Grey IPA

  9. Brew by Numbers Black IPA – Citra (6.1%)
    A super tasty combination from London’s Brew by Numbers. Amazing smoky/peaty peach flavours. Well worth a go.
  10. Brew by Numbers Black IPA - Citra

  11. Massive West Coast IPA (6.5%)
    Lush creamy tones to this (South) West creation; Glastonbury Ales are spot on with the passion fruit flavours.
  12. Glastonbury Ales Mighty Chi

  13. Rooster Baby Faced Assassin IPA (6.1%)
    Mango, apricot and mandarin-like flavours coming through loud and clear from Yorkshire brewer Roosters.
  14. Rooster Baby Faced Assassin

  15. IPA White Cross (5.7%)
    Fantastic floral hoppiness from Cornwall based brewer Black Flag.
  16. IPA_white_cross

  17. Shepherd Neame Brilliant Ale (5.6%)
    An impressive blend of the old and the new. Try this if you enjoy modern pale ales.
  18. Shepherd_Neame_Brilliant_Ale

  19. Beavertown Black Betty Black IPA (7.4%)
    Another inspired brew from Beavertown, which I’ll describe as peppery cream soda with a dusting of cocoa. And once again, the can art is ace.
  20. Beavertown Black Betty Black IPA

  21. Crane Boom India Pale Ale (6.2%)
    Rich ripe citrus-like flavours stand out in this fine tasting IPA from small batch brewer Crane Beer.
  22. Crane Boom IPA

  23. Left Handed Giant Brewing Co. IPA (7.4%)
    …like biting into a delicious juicy grapefruit. Bottle has back-in-the-day charm.
  24. Left_handed_giant_IPA

  25. Jack Hammer IPA (7.2%)
    A beer for Spinal Tap fans. This IPA goes to 11 IMHO.
  26. Jack Hammer IPA

  27. Snake Dog IPA (7.1%)
    Flying dog brewery serves up a calming combination of peach sorbet and white toast flavours (in that order). Again, more top artwork on show.
  28. Snake_Dog_IPA

  29. Lagunitas IPA (6.2%)
    Dry, crisp and full flavoured with the zing of orange. What’s not to like? And there’s a picture of a dog on the bottle cap : )
  30. Lagunitas

  31. Butcombe Brunel Atlantic IPA (5.0%)
    If you enjoy Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale then add this to your shopping list.
  32. Butcombe Brunel Atlantic IPA

  33. Thornbridge Jaipur IPA (5.9%)
    Fresh flavours from Derbyshire’s Thornbridge brewery. Dry and crisp with a dash of fizzy mango.
  34. Thornbridge IPA

  35. Greene King IPA Reserve (5.4%)
    A touch of treacle meets orange/grapefruit. Delicious.
  36. Green King IPA Reserve

  37. Wiper and True Citrus and Sevens IPA (6.0%)
    Lime fresh with a sprinkle of cornflake-like flavour. Some creaminess too.
  38. Wiper and True Citrus and Sevens

  39. White IPA (5.5%)
    My brother mentioned that UK supermarket Marks and Spencer has an interesting selection of beers and how right he is. This IPA is brewed exclusively for M&S by Adnams and offers an enticing blend of banana and liquorice notes.
  40. Marks and Spencer White IPA

  41. Hitachino Nest Beer – classic Japanese ale (7.0%)
    Slightly honey sweet with cereal flavours.
  42. Nest_beer_japanese_classic_ale

  43. Weird Beerd Brown IPA (7.3%)
    There’s a lot going on here. Chocolate, liquorice and coffee?
  44. Weird Beerd IPA

  45. Wolf Rock Red IPA (4.8%)
    Malty, but not overly so. Flavour mix makes me think of cherry cola.
  46. Wolf Rock

  47. Beerd Monocle English IPA (5.3%)
    Honeyed pepperiness with a slice of lemon.
  48. Beerd Monocle English IPA

  49. Purity Longhorn IPA (5.0%)
    Spiced apricot.
  50. Longhorn IPA

  51. Fullers Bengal Lancer IPA (5.3%)
    Pleasant creamy spice notes that evolve into an orange tang.
  52. Bengal Lancer IPA

  53. Innis & Gunn Toasted Oak IPA (5.6%)
    A beer with measured fireside character.
  54. Innis and Gunn Toasted Oak IPA

  55. Southville Hop (6.5%)
  56. Southville Hop

  57. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (5.6%)
    Their website says grapefruit and pine; I reckon lemongrass and toffee malt, but we both agree that it’s a classic.
  58. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

  59. Hereford Pale Ale (4.0%)
    A tasty mix of savoury popcorn and light peppery flavours.
  60. HPA

  61. Stroud Budding Pale Ale (4.5%)
    Delicious golden oat character.
  62. Stroud Pale Ale

  63. Samuel Smith India Ale (5.0%)
    Sam Smith’s – great pubs, great beer.
  64. Samuel Smith India Ale

  65. Moor Beer TFA Black IPA (7%)
    Dark chocolate and violet.
  66. Moor_beer_company_TFA

  67. Meantime London Pale Ale (4.3%)
    Clean tasting and refreshing with grassy notes.
  68. Meantime London Pale Ale

  69. Scarborough Fair IPA (6.0%)
    Full of delicious honey cereal character.
  70. Scarborough Fair IPA

  71. King of Hops Session IPA (4.8%)
    An Adnams and Majestic co-creation, which I’d describe as tasting of grapefruit segments with a dash of pineapple. Think Lilt meets IPA and you won’t be too far off…seriously : ) Also, top marks for the cool label art.
  72. King of Hops Session IPA

  73. Deuchars IPA (4.4%)
    A well balanced mix of malt and hops from Edinburgh brewer, Deuchars. Not too sweet, not too dry. Taste reminds me of red apples.
  74. Deuchars IPA

  75. Cheddar Ales Goat’s Leap IPA (5.7%)
    Malt (Maris Otter, Crystal, Wheat & Cara) and hop (English challenger, Goldings & Fuggles) combo brings moreish cherry flavours to the party.
  76. Cheddar Ales - Goat's Leap

  77. Black IPA (6.5%)
    Malt loaf meets ginger cake, according to my taste buds. Label says citrus, chocolate and espresso. Brewed for Marks and Spencer by Purity.
  78. Marks and Spencer Black IPA

  79. St Austell Proper Job IPA (5.5%)
    Pine cone and lemon and very drinkable.
  80. St Austell Proper Job IPA

  81. Sierra Nevade Torpedo IPA (7.2%)
    Big hits of pine forest on a damp morning. Packed with flavour.
  82. Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

  83. Shepherd Neame IPA (6.1%)
    Fuggles and East Kent Goldings provide a nice hoppy bite to this brew. The malt character is well judged too. Well done Richard Frost (video) and the team.
  84. Shepherd Neame IPA

  85. Legend of Hillside English Pale Ale (4.7%)
    Shandy-like flavours to start, followed by plenty of complex character.
  86. Hillside_English_IPA

  87. Harbour India Pale Ale (5.2%)
    A refreshing blend of white pepper and citrus notes.
  88. Harbour India Pale Ale

  89. Fourpure Session IPA (4.2%)
    Lime fresh. A real thirst quencher
  90. Fourpure Session IPA

  91. Ian and Paul’s ale (3.5%)
    If I had to describe the flavour in five words…lemon peel and bran flakes.
  92. Ian and Pauls Ale

  93. Goose IPA (5.9%)
    Dry and bitter. Flavours hold their own against a handful of honey roasted peanuts.
  94. Goose IPA

  95. Cesar Augustus Lager/IPA hybrid (4.1%)
  96. Cesar Augustus

  97. Brave New World IPA (7.0%)
    Grapefruit in a glass. One to sip and savour.
  98. Brave New World IPA

  99. 13 Guns American IPA (5.5%)
    Black pepper and treacle. Would be great with crisps.
  100. 13 Guns American IPA

  101. Fourpure Pale Ale (5.0%)
    A California inspired creation brewed in Bermondsey, UK. Tasting notes mention tropical aromas, which feels spot on.
  102. Fourpure pale ale

  103. Shipyard IPA (5.0%)
    Has something of the tangerine about it. An easy drinking brew.
    Shipyard American IPA

  104. Prescott Hill Climb Pale Ale (3.8%)
    One of my favourite labels so far. I found this bottle on the shelves at the amazing Gloucester Services. The beer delivers a light hit of lime/lemongrass, which would play well with a spicy Thai curry.
    Prescott Hill Climb Pale Ale

  105. Marston’s English Pale Ale (3.6%)
    If you like the taste of lemon tea then give this one a try.
  106. Marston's English Pale Ale

  107. Easy Jack IPA (4.5%)
    Crisp with a hint of pineapple.
  108. Easy Jack IPA

  109. All day IPA (4.7%)
    Too subtle for me. Hints of lime
  110. All day IPA

  111. DNA New World IPA (4.5%)
    Lightly flavoured, but a real thirst quencher. Also available in cans.
  112. DNA New World IPA

  113. River Cottage English Pale Ale (4.0%)
    Skinner’s of Cornwall, UK, teams up with River Cottage to create a gentle brew.
  114. River Cottage EPA

  115. Tap Room IPA (5.3%)
    Brewed and bottled in Rochester, New York. Malty. Very Malty.
  116. Tap Room Brewing Company

  117. Celt Silures Infused Session IPA (4.6%)
    Very dry. Beautiful website.
  118. The_Celt_Experience

40 beers to go : )